Exploring LGBT Themes in YA Lit & Everyday Library Life

Release Date: 17 April 2012
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Reading/Interest Level: Grades 9 & up

A year after the tragedy of 9/11, the Washington D.C. area was hit by a string of shootings later referred to as the Beltway Sniper Shootings.  In the midst of the tragedy of the shootings, Craig and Lio are trying to make sense of their post-9/11 lives. While both of them were affected deeply by 9/11, their experiences were vastly different.  Their new friendship is the one thing holding them together in the midst of this new tragedy–their only true reality is that they are happiest when they are together.  As their quiet friendship blossoms into more, the two boys must find a new path out of their dark pasts. Moskowitz’s well-written prose guides the reader into and through the lives of two boys living through the aftermath and reality of events that we all witnessed.  The story is about both the events after and during which it takes place as well as the beauty and complexity of human relationships and experiences.  Told with quiet intensity, Gone, Gone, Gone will appeal to a wide audience of readers drawn to books with subtle emotional complexity.

Gone, Gone, Gone is another offering from popular YA author Hannah Moskowitz, bringing an LGBT relationship into the forefront of a well-developed story.  The magic of the book is how compelling the story remains, regardless of the sexual orientation of the characters or their relationship developments.  While their relationship plays a central role, it’s portrayed in a manner that makes it a beautiful relationship regardless of sexual orientation.  Their relationship is more about the complexities of their backgrounds and finding the common grounds upon which to stand and the differences and weaknesses where they can and often must rely on each other.  Gone, Gone, Gone strikes me as a book with enduring themes and would incorporate well into displays and programs focused on 9/11 or on diversity.  Take you pick of where and how to promote it but definitely find a way to guide readers to this one.


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