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Review: Hushed

Release Date: 6 December 2011

Publisher: Entangled Publishing

Reading/Interest Level: Grades 10 & up

Archer has always felt invisible with Vivian, despite having loved her and cared for her for most of their lives. When Vivian’s life fell apart when they were kids, Archer was there to pick up the pieces—and he still is. He’s killing to erase her past and make her see him. When Evan quietly enters Archer’s life, Archer finally begins to see just how toxic his relationship with Vivan really is, especially as he realizes just how special Evan is, or could be, to him. As Archer’s feelings for Evan grow so does his realization of just how toxic his obsession with Vivian has become. Kelley York’s thriller tale takes the idea of loyalty and friendship to a new level. From the utterly insane to the quietly reaffirming, the relationships between these characters take on a life of their own and their story will open wide the floodgates on emotions from heartbreak and pain to sheer joy and pleasure. From first love to finding himself, Archer’s journey and those on it with him will touch your heart.

Kelley York’s debut novel was a literary masterpiece, in my opinion.  The story that she tells is so well-crafted that each and every move is true to the characters doing them.  The story is overwhelmingly emotional from its inception.  The relationship between Archer and Evan is a beautiful portrayal and realization of a M/M relationship without the angst or drama of a more common “coming out” story.  Their relationship is a simple extension of the feelings that they have for each other.  There isn’t angst about being gay–just emotions.  The kind of emotions that anyone and everyone experiences for someone at some point in their life.  The focus of the story isn’t on the fact that their relationship is one between two males but on the fact that they fit well together and Archer needs Evan to help him move on.  This is a really fabulous book that deserves a place in the library.


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